Traditions old and new are important to us. We weave them into our spaces in ways that are refreshing, innovative and even award-winning. You may not notice them at first, but once you know the story behind our revered brand icon, the Swissotel Circles displayed in our lobbies, you’ll never overlook them again.

Our Swissotel Circles are a modern-day interpretation of the Swiss cut-out silhouettes from the late 17th century. Traditionally, the circles portrayed famous people, places and scenes from everyday life and adorned walls and windows throughout Switzerland. Today, we pair our circles with Destination Circles developed specifically for each of our locations. The result is a creation that’s as internationally inspired as we are. Together, our nine Swiss Circles tell the story of Switzerland’s diversity, fine craft traditions, and our hotel attributes in a contemporary yet timeless and surprising way.

We are not the only ones who love this icon. In 2008, our Swissotel Circles were nominated for the coveted German Design Award and were awarded the Bronze Medal of the prestigious Art Directors Club of Germany in May 2009.

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