We like to put a contemporary spin on our Swiss heritage. It’s our way of celebrating our roots and also gives people a reason to smile and a story to discover. First impressions count, and while our doormen and bellmen are the first people to greet you, they also give you an immediate insight into the fresh twist on Swiss tradition for which we are renowned.

Created exclusively for Swissotel, our iconic doorman uniform is exceptionally stylish, well-crafted and rooted in tradition. Ida Gut, one of Switzerland’s best-known fashion designers, took inspiration from the traditional Sunday dress of Appenzell, Switzerland for the design. Sebastian Fässler, a renowned Appenzell-based silversmith, created a signature design for the shoe buckles and uniform details that pairs traditional techniques passed down from his father with a modern flair.

Learn from our designers and doormen what this iconic doorman uniform means to them and visit our shop for our range of exclusive gifts that feature this signature design.